Obama Immigration Reform

Update:  Since the CIR failed in Congress, President Barack Obama has issued an executive order legalizing the illegal undocumented parents of US citizen children and green card holders.

Illegal immigrants (also referred to as undocumented aliens) are eligible to apply for Registered Provision Immigrant” (RPI) legal status under the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013.  The application process is not yet finalized but once it is published some time in 2014, I will provide the details.  In summary, the law allows individuals a legal status for ten years after which they will be eligible for a green card which will then allow them to receive US Citizenship.  Here are more details below:

What is the eligibility requirement for RPI visa for illegal immmigrants

Adjustment of status to RPI for illegal immigrant families

Benefits of getting RPI visa for undocumented aliens

Documents required for RPI application

RPI visa for deported individuals

RPI status for aliens under removal proceedings

Permanent resident status for RPI visa holders

Apply for RPI status if claimed US citizenship

While some of the information below is for information purposes only, I strongly suggest that you stick to the latest information available above the divider.

From the Initial details on Obama Amnesty for illegal aliens that I provided, below are more details.

As promised during the 2012 presidential elections, President Barack Obama has promised comprehensive immigration reform.  At this point it is too early to provide complete information on all the provisions of the law, but based on statements by the President and Senator Chuck Schumer, here is what we know.  Please remember that this is a very preliminary outline and is subject to change as the draft bill is written, debated in Congress, and then passed:
  1. Timing:  2013
  2. Pathway for legal status for those who are living in the country.  Notice the wording.  It appears that those who came to the United States as adults will not have a path to citizenship but only to a legal status.  It is also important to point out that illegal immigrants will need to document that they have been living in the country for yet to be determined period of time, so anyone who decides to enter the country now will not qualify.
  3. Clean background.  In other words, through a standard background check conducted after fingerprinting, if criminal background is discovered, that will be a disqualification.  Some immigrants may also be deported for their criminal backgrounds.
  4. Learn English.  A naturalization English test type may be conducted before approval.
  5. Undocumented immigrants who have worked under the table or used a fake Social Security number to work will need to pay back taxes if they have not paid taxes on all their income.
  6. Pay a fine in addition to application fees and back taxes.
  7. Illegal immigrants will be able to adjust their status without leaving the United States.
  8. There will be provisions for Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) graduates of American universities who meet certain criteria to apply for a green card after graduation without waiting for an employment offer, and without having to go the H1B visa route.
  9. Those illegal immigrants who came as children will follow the DREAM Act path to citizenship.  Thus, only the DREAMers will be able to become citizens.
  10. There will be a provision for agricultural workers to travel and work with proper papers.
  11. Social Security cards will be made more secure so that fake SSN cards cannot be used to find employment.
  12. Employers who knowingly hire illegal workers and then pay them lower wages, deny benefits, and cheat Uncle Sam by not paying Social Security and Medicare taxes will be punished.
  13. Stronger border security.
  14. Deportation of criminals.