What should I do if I am not covered by Obama's executive order on deportation?

The Democrats and President Barack Obama have done what they could to grant legal status to as many illegal immigrants as they lawfully could, but that leaves many of you out.  However, there is no reason to lose heart because right now things are looking pretty good.  Yes, you would have been better off with papers, but this what you can do to improve your chances of legalization:

  1. DO NOT leave the United States because you have lost hope.  Hang in there because your turn will come.  If you leave, your chance is gone because any legalization will require you to have continuous stay.
  2. If you are a woman of childbearing age, try to have what is known as an anchor baby.  If you give birth in the United States, you will be able to apply for legal status.  You do not need a boyfriend or husband; many women simply seduce a man (there are a lot of men who have nothing better to do but to search for women).  You can also strike a deal with another undocumented male alien to help each other since even if you two are not in a relationship, he can apply as the father.
  3. Stay out of trouble and do not mess with the law.  Do not drive while drunk, do not steal, do not break the law, and always do the right thing.

While comprehensive immigration reform is not happening as long as President Obama is in power, but both Democrats and Republicans are scared right now of you because of your numbers and all the protests going on.  Even American people have given up and resigned themselves, so they are unlikely to protest.  It is only a matter of time that full legal status is granted to everyone.  We are receiving reports that people from Latin America and all over the world are preparing to cross the border illegally through Mexico or overstay their visas so that they will have five years by the time a full amnesty is signed into law by the next president.

Obama's executive order on deferral of deportation and work permit for illegal parents of US born children and green card holders

You see, under American law, an American citizen, after the age of 18 (and meeting other strict criteria like having enough income), is allowed to sponsor parents to immigrate to the United States, but we have a situation in which many illegal immigrants have given birth in America (they are sometimes also called as anchor babies by many legal experts) and when their parents are deported, either the kids should leave with their parents or they are left in the country in the foster care system or with other family members.  We all know that youth in Hispanic communities are already under-performing academically and if they are without their parents, they are more likely to take up crime, drop out of school, and basically become a huge burden on the society.  That is why President Barack Obama has decided to let the parents live legally and work in the USA with the following requirements (the program is called Deferred Action for Parental Accountability or DAPA):

  1. Parent (by birth or adoption.
  2. Must have a child who is a US citizen (born prior to November 20, 2014) or permanent resident (green card holder)
  3. Have lived illegally continuously in the USA since January 1, 2010.
  4. Pass a background check -- a few misdemeanors are okay but felonies are not.
You will need to provide documentation to support the relationship so if you are a father who has abandoned his kid(s) it is time to reconcile with the mother and the child and move in with them.  This is going to be an important requirement at least till you get your papers.  You do not have to marry the mother of the child but will have to live with them. Once you have the documents ready, simply do the paperwork with the USCIS and you will not be deported, get a work permit, and in some states, even have a driver's license.  You will not be able to leave the US without applying for advanced parole, and cannot sponsor other family members to come to USA, but can live and work legally.