How to work with fake papers and not get caught?

First of all, it is important to understand two things.  One, it is a crime to be in the United States illegally.  Two, it is also a criminal act to work without authorization even if you are legally in the country.  Having said that, USA has at least 12 million illegal aliens living and working.  Thanks to Obama Administration the task of having a job without authorization from DHS is now even easier.  And if you are an employer reading this and either hire undocumented immigrants deliberately because then you don't have to pay them a fair wage or you can cheat on FICA (they are both criminal acts by the way), the message from Obama Administration is that the Feds will look the other way because in the end they do not want to upset the business community (it has a huge voice in Washington and can provide lots of money for campaigns) but also want to help out the Latinos so that they can continue to vote for Democrats.

So how to use fraudulent documents to get a job and keep it?

In a memo Alberto Ruisanchez, Acting Deputy Special Counsel, Office of the Special Counsel (OSC) for Immigration-Related Unfair Employment Practices, Civil Rights Division of the United States Department of Justice has the following instructions to employers and undocumented immigrants are welcome to exploit them.  Needless to add that since you are breaking the law, you should consult an attorney to understand the consequences because while the Obama Administration is trying to help you out, ICE can catch and deport you after a workplace raid (though they are extremely rare and if you do not have a criminal record, you are pretty much safe):

  1. Always spend enough money to get high quality fake documents like Social Security card, green card, etc.  The documents should be so genuine looking that the employer will not suspect that it is fake (the only responsibility of an employer is to make a good faith estimation that the document appears to be genuine).  The Justice Department has banned employers from conducting forensic tests to find out the validity of a document.  You complete Form I-9 and provide the document.  The employer should look at it and make a copy but give it back to you right away without using any high tech device to see if it is fake (imagine the kind of testing TSA agents do at the airport when you go through security).
  2. The employer cannot ask you to provide any additional evidence just because you look like you just crossed the border or have difficulty speaking English.
  3. Once you are hired, an employer cannot ask you to present a document again establishing your eligibility using the excuse that they are conducting an internal audit.  Even an excuse by the employer that they did not make a photocopy of the document at the time of hiring is invalid.
  4. If the employe still insists that you provide the documents you submitted in the past or insists on checking the authenticity of documents you present at the time of hiring, you should refuse to cooperate.  Also, hire an attorney right away so that you can then complain to the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department.