Sponsor deported Mexican for green card

Amanda writes, "I fell in love with a Mexican citizen but he has a complicated immigration history.  About 15 years ago, he crossed the border illegally and  lived here until he was deported for DUI with a ten year ban.  However, like most other illegal immigrants, he too entered again, and met me.  I did not consult an attorney but we both decided that it was best if he left the US voluntarily.  We have since married in Mexico and I want to now sponsor him for a green card.  What should I do?  Will he be able to enter the United States?"

This is a very complicated situation.  Deportation for DUI and then reentry after deportation together amount to two felonies.  While he was convicted only for one, you will obviously disclose that he broke the law again when he entered again illegally.  You will need an excellent attorney to review the case to conclude if it is even worth applying.  The fact that the immigrant is married to an American citizen can often mean more lenient review of the application (by requesting waivers), and that is why I recommend that you do not file the paperwork yourself.  Instead, make sure that you spend the money to seek help of an experienced attorney.