Naturalization after tax delinquency

Khosh writes, "During a rather difficult period in my life as a green card holder, I did not file my taxes on time because I had to put food on the table for myself and my family and provide them with a place to live.  Thankfully, after a few years of misery, we survived the ordeal, and I had enough income to live and pay taxes.  I worked with the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to workout a payment plan and for last two years, each month I mail a check to them.  I am now applying for naturalization and wondering if this is somehow going to hurt my chances of approval."

Well, you did the right thing by agreeing to a payment plan and then making timely payments of past taxes.  What USCIS expects is that you will eventually pay every penny you owe to Uncle Sam.  So as long as you show documentation of the agreement with the IRS and record of your payments, along with up to date taxes for years afterwards, you will be approved.  It would not be surprising that this issue is not even mentioned during the interview.  Remember that IRS has ways to collect past due taxes and it is even easier to force citizens to pay, so your approval is very likely.