Do parking tickets need to be mentioned on N400?

Rosalina writes, "I have never received a speeding ticket nor have been caught driving under the influence of alcohol.  Actually, I am mostly a model permanent resident except that I have several parking tickets around the country.  I have also received tickets for not renewing my car registration on time.  Do I need to list these?  Will these be discussed during the interview?  Do these casual mistakes mean that I have poor moral character?  Can they deny me citizenship?"

Since none of these are moving violations (meaning the vehicle was in motion when you broke the law), you do not need to list them nor mention them during the interview on your own.  If everything else in your background is clean, you have nothing to fear because as long as you paid your parking and other violations, you will be approved since this is not considered to be a character issue.  Imagine if they would go after immigrants who did not pay their cell phone or credit card bill on time!