Can misdemeanor stop me from becoming US citizen?

Leticia writes, "I have been a good permanent resident except that on one occasion I left a store without paying for some items because the babysitter did not show up and I had to rush home when I got the call in the store.  I did not go to to jail but I did plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge last year.  Can I still be approved for citizenship?  Is there a risk that my green card be revoked?  What should I do?  I have waited patiently for five years to file my N-400 but then this happened.  Please help."

What you did was a huge mistake.  Depending on the state in which you broke the law and what you agreed to in your plea deal means a lot here but it is very likely that an adjudicating officer at the USCIS will most likely deny your naturalization application due to poor moral character.  A safe option would be to wait for another five years from the date of this crime and not break any laws during the meantime, but if you want to pursue your application now, you will need serious legal advice from an excellent lawyer who specializes in citizenship.  He will review your paperwork related to your conviction and advise you.  You can take a chance because you have otherwise been a model permanent resident.  It is unlikely that you GC will be revoked because your crime was not a felony.  So if your application is rejected, you simply lose the fee and all the labor associated with doing the paperwork and attending the fingerprinting and interview.