Options for undocumented immigrants to practice law in the US

In order to work as an attorney in the United States, not only should an individual receive the requisite education but also be admitted to the bar.  Typically, the thinking is that only law-abiding individuals with impeccable character should be admitted to the bar because if someone has broken the law, he or she cannot be trusted to not help others in breaking the law.  Since an alien who is illegally in the United States continues to break US laws every single day, using this logic, this individual should not be allowed membership into the bar.  Well, that is now changing, at least in the State of California.

In California, undocumented aliens who have completed their education and other requirements for being accepted into the bar, will now be allowed to practice law, though, they cannot legally work.  In other words, acceptance into the bar has only symbolic value because if they accept fees from clients, they will be working without authorization, and breaking many other laws (such individuals might be able to accept payments under the table or by using fraudulent Social Security numbers like other illegal immigrants).  It also turns out that the so-called DREAMers with DACA status also may not be eligible to enter the bar in most states except California because while these aliens have permits to work for a fixed period of time, their legal status in the United States is still illegal.

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