Do I need to mention fishing citation on N400 application?

Tunc writes, "Where I come from, if you feel like fishing or hunting, you just go and do it wherever you want.  So when I came to America, that is what I decided to do in a lake around my home.  Unfortunately, when I was asked to show a fishing license, I had no idea what the cop was talking about, so was issued a citation.  Since there was no license in my name, I had no choice but to plead guilty, and paid the fine, but now I am worried that this will hurt my chances of naturalization.  Please help."

Well, the first thing to do is that in case you did not have an attorney when you went to court, you need one now.  Ask the lawyer to review your case and interpret the law (how serious this crime is depends on the state) for your state to figure out what sort of a crime it is.  Your attorney can then advise you if it needs to be listed on the USCIS N-400 form, though, generally speaking it is better to disclose it than to hide it.  Chances are that casual fishing without a license will not be considered as a moral character issue (you were essentially careless rather than had malicious intent because you were not planning to run a business based on fish caught) and you will be approved.