Can I stop working during green card process?

Julie writes, "I am currently on H1B visa.  After I married my US citizen husband, he is sponsoring me for a green card.  For personal reasons, I would like to quit my job for a year or two.  Will this be a problem for the green card approval?  Will I have issues traveling overseas?"

Since yours is a family based petition, employment is not a requirement.  So after your husband files the paperwork and you receive an acknowledgement of the application, you can stop working and will still be in legal status till your case is decided.  In fact, if you have applied for a work permit, you can use that to find another employment prior to approval of permanent resident application.  With advanced parole, you can also travel overseas

While not the case for you, for the benefit of other applicants, let me provide the information.  For permanent resident application, you need to work for the sponsoring employer after the approval.  So as long as you not out of status, you do not have to work for approval of a green card application even if it is based on employment.

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