Get tourist visa with pending green card application

You file for permanent resident status in the United States and because it takes many years for nationals of certain countries, it can be frustrating.  A lot of these individuals would rather be able to visit the US in the meantime to attend weddings or celebrate the holidays or travel to tourist destinations.  So can you get a visitor visa while the permanent resident status application is pending?  The simple answer is most likely not.  Why? 

You see, when you applied for permanent residency, you basically told the United States Government that you plan to live permanently in the country (in other words, your intent is that of an immigrant).  Now, before that decision is made, if you come here and not leave (you can thank all the illegal immigrants who came to visit but never left), then, if your application is not approved, the country is stuck with someone who is not authorized to here.  So B1/B2 visas are simply not issued.  In fact, if you already have a valid visa in your passport, it is very likely that you maybe denied entry into the country (unless you manage to convince the officer at the airport with lots of evidence about your ties to your native country, like job, assets, family, etc.)