Fiance or wife visiting US citizen in USA on tourist visa

Pramod writes, "I am about to marry a woman in India but we have no plans to live in the US for a few years.  Since I was born here and hardly know my family back in India, I am going to live there for a year or two immersing myself in the culture, polishing my language, and traveling.  I am wondering what is the best way for my fiance/wife to travel to the US before I relocate to India.  She has a valid visitor visa."

If the agent asks her at the airport what she will do here, then, she will have to truthfully answer (best option since she wants to eventually immigrate to the United States and a lie could come to bite you two later) that she is visiting her fiance/husband, she will most likely be denied entry.  And that denial will stay on her record as well (not a killer but creates unnecessary hassles and delays).  Yours is a delicate situation and it is best that in your circumstances she not visit the US, and only when you two are ready to live permanently in the US, you apply for her green card.