How to bring a child born overseas to permanent resident?

Mario writes, "I am a permanent resident and recently married a woman in my native country.  She has also given birth to a child after we got married.  I am about to become a citizen and would like to do the paperwork to bring them here.  I know I have to file USCIS Form I130 to bring my spouse, but but I wonder if the situation is different for my daughter considering she is a minor?"

The process is slightly different for your wife and child.  After you take the oath of citizenship, you will file two separate petitions for your wife and daughter.  They will both become green card holders when they enter the United States and do the formalities at the airport on arrival.  Your daughter, however, will become a citizen once she lives with you and will be eligible to file for a passport without going through the naturalization process.  On the other hand, you wife will need to wait 3 years and be married to you at the time to file for her citizenship.

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