Revoke green card of my husband before arrival to USA

Fatima writes, "I sponsored my husband to join me in the United States and the paperwork took more than one year because of his being a citizen of an Islamic country.  He now has an approved I-130 and is ready to travel to the US, but I found out from my family in my native country that he has been cheating on me with other women.  I am very upset and I do not think I want to be with this man.  If he comes here, I think he will continue his philandering behavior.  Can I do something to revoke his visa to enter the United States?"

Unfortunately, the USCIS is very bureaucratic and overall a mess with such unusual cases.  Even if you file a divorce petition (you will do so in the country in which the marriage took place because at this point it will be impossible to divorce in the United States) it will take some time before this gets finalized.  USCIS or State Department have no process for citizens to report that they have filed for divorce after a visa petition has been approved.

Now what you can do is to tell him not to travel to the US because you plan on annulling the marriage.  If he understands what is going on, most likely he will not travel and in that case, you can divorce him and move on.  However, if he still insists on traveling, you need to make sure that you do not let him live with you (living with you will make it harder for you to revoke his conditional green card because he could accuse you of abusing you and still get his permanent resident status approved while putting you in legal trouble, particularly if he can fabricate evidence).  Also immediately hire an attorney to help you divorce him as soon as he arrives.  Once the divorce is finalized, he will be unable to remove the conditions on his green card after two years and he will be out of status in the US.  You can then report the details of the divorce proceedings to the USCIS so if the machinery of the ICE works effectively, he can be placed in deportation proceedings, assuming he does not voluntarily leave.