Can E2 visa be based on financing from credit cards?

Andrew and his wife are considering relocating to the United States using the E-2 visa that is available only to citizens of countries with which United States has a treaty.  The couple plan to run a low-investment business -- a design firm -- and while they have savings to finance about two thirds of the business, they plan to borrow the rest.  Can they get the visa?

While having a solid financial situation is always helpful, it is not a requirement.  If an applicant not only has all the money to needed to operate a business and has assets on top of that, the visa is much more likely to be approved, the US Consulate may still approve Andrew's petition considering that the investment is small and the risk is low if the business fails.  It is possible to finance the business by using credit cards, for instance, by borrowing the money on the credit card and having it available to transfer to the United States.  Unfortunately, it is a very expensive way of getting cash because the interest rates on cash advances are extremely high.  Andrew may want to borrow the money from family and friends or wait a few more months to save.  It is important to remember that if the Consulate suspects that your financial situation is not as sound as they like, you maybe denied.
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