File for green card without vaccinations because of pregnancy

Several people have written to ask if they should file their paperwork for permanent residency in the United States without the medical examination (and submit it at a later time) because the beneficiary is pregnant (and thus, unable to be vaccinated for some missing vaccinations) and the process will be delayed by many months. Does the USCIS make any exceptions for pregnancy?

Well, what happens at the USCIS is that as soon as an application is received, it is checked by a low-level employee who is merely looking for a complete application.  This employee does not make any determination as to eligibility or approval, she or he is merely checking if the application is signed and complete, if the attachments are in order, if the fee is paid, etc.  If anything is missing, then, a form letter will be mailed to the applicant asking to send the missing paperwork.  On the other hand if the application is accurate and complete, it will be scanned and a record is made so that it gets in the processing queue.  An incomplete application is put on hold, and generally speaking, the process will take a lot longer than an application filed right the very first time.  While the agency does a pretty good job, it is not uncommon to have misplaced documents when they are filed separately.  In light of the above, you should simply wait for the applicant to be ready for the medical exam and vaccinations.  The USCIS approved doctor will advise you when is it a good time to return after childbirth.