Can bankruptcy cause denial of citizenship?

Mark writes, "I have been an excellent green card holder and have no issues other than the fact that my second child was born with a disability and there were a lot of complications during birth.  Despite the savings we had and the insurance coverage, due to unexpected medical bills and inability to work for months, we ran into financial trouble and could not pay many of our bills on time.  After filing chapter 7 bankruptcy we rebuilt our financial lives.  Now I am applying for naturalization and wondering if this will disqualify me from US citizenship?"

The USCIS Form N-400 specifically asks whether you have taxes due to any authority in the United States.  There is nothing related to bankruptcy or how much money you owe to someone else.  It seems that for right reasons the US Government cares only about the debt you owe to them and doesn't care if you owed money to Bank of America or the landlord or utility company and did not pay it.  There is no reason this should come up during an interview but you must tell the truth if it does.  In any case, it cannot be a factor in disqualifying you.