Is blogging or affiliate marketing a job for immigration purposes?

Tomoko writes, "I am a permanent resident and a housewife.  However, because I am passionate about Japanese cooking, I maintain a blog.  On this blog I have Google Adsense advertisements and I have an affiliate relationship with Amazon and a few other companies, so if someone purchases a cooking product from a link, or if they click on an ad, I get paid.  Each year, I get a Form 1099 from these companies and my husband I simply provide the information to the IRS.  I am assuming that TurboTax software does the rest by calculating the taxes that I owe on this income.  Now, I am filing USCIS Form N400 and wondering if I should list Google, Amazon, Linkshare, etc. as employers in provide details like dates.  Please help."

Actually, no.  You are not employed by any of these companies.  You are merely a contractor for them and that is why you are issued a Form 1099.  If you have not already realized, you are not their employee in any sense of the word, because you are not on their payroll, you get no benefits, and if do not sell anything, you get paid nothing.  So you should not list these companies as your employers.  However, if you receive from other companies a W-2 form because you worked part time for them, then it was a job and must be listed.