US visas for same sex spouses

As everyone knows that if a US citizen marries a person of the same sex they are now eligible for green cards like heterosexual couples.  The United States is now extending the same benefit to legally married gay and lesbian couples from any country that recognizes their marriage.  So for tourist visas, they will be able to apply as a family.  For employment based visas like H or L, the applicant can include her or his same sex spouse as well.  And another great benefit will be that if a permanent resident marries a person of the same sex from another country in which their union is formally recognized, it will be possible to sponsor for permanent resident status.  All they will need a marriage certificate as proof because the United States has essentially decided that if a marriage is recognized someplace else, it should recognize it as well. It gets better. Let us say that you are in one of those homophobic countries that still does not believe in marriage equality and unfortunately the list of such nations is very long. So what you can do is to get married in a country where same sex marriage is legal. For example, you could come to the United States and get married in one of the many states where same sex marriage is legal and the requirements for foreign visitors are simple (check with the state in which you wish to marry) and from then on as far as US visa laws are concerned you are legally married even if your own country does not recognize your marriage.