Secret password to cross legally into USA

Exactly as many had expected, the granting of asylum to DREAM9 by Obama Administration has provided other aliens to exploit the same loophole to legally enter the United States, get a work permit, driver's license, and then a path to green card and citizenship.  Experts believe that the US Government is letting the immigrants exploit this loophole since other options for them are not permanent and it is not expected that Congress will pass the so-called Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Obviously, if you are an undocumented immigrant here and do not want to live here illegally forever or you were deported, this path is your best option, though, to discuss your individual situation you must hire a good lawyer to help you with your case.  Basically, the easiest part is crossing the border legally because hundreds of immigrants simply need to say just the password "credible fear."  As soon as you say these words, the agent will let you inside the country, formally arrest you, and here is the best part, instead of being sent to a jail, you get sent to a hotel and get free meals.  Very soon after the paperwork is completed you will be allowed to go free to apply for a work permit and live a normal life while you pursue your green card.  During questioning you can claim torture by drug dealers or mafia or government or police or whatever works for your case.  Many immigrants are also presenting false papers showing ransom notes and photos of injuries from violence, along with fake medical reports and police cases.  The DHS actually approved DREAM9 because they claimed that they were being persecuted for not speaking Spanish well and having American accents.

The window of opportunity is brief because a crackdown might come soon and that is why it is a path risk exploring considering that almost everyone in Mexico and other Central American nations can claim some form of abuse from drug mafia and local police/military. Those of you waiting for President Barack Obama to legalize all undocumented aliens with an executive order must remember that if a Republican replaces him in 2016 that protection may expire (some experts think that it will be politically risky and those types of protected status may be renewed in perpetuity).