Can I be prosecuted for working without papers?

This used to be the case in the past because under US law, working without authorization or use of fraudulent documents to prove your eligibility to work (for instance, using a false Social Security number or green card or passport or claiming to be a US citizen) are all serious crimes punishable by years of jail time and deportation.  However, as long as a Democrat is the president, things might be different, based on what recently happened in the case of arrests of illegal immigrants made at the Danny's Family Carwash in Phoenix, Arizona.  While the illegal employees were arrested they were all released without any charges or deportation proceedings.  ICE spokeswoman Barbara Gonzalez actually said, "As everyone here knows, we target employers, employers that aren't playing by the rules. We don't target the employees, we're targeting the companies that are not playing by the rules."

This is excellent news for unauthorized immigrants who are unable to become legal.  They can now work without fear of being prosecuted for breaking this law related to illegal employment.  You must still know that just because Democrat Presidents are not enforcing these laws, it does not mean that employment laws do not exist.  A GOP president might enforce them.