Can Obama legalize immigrants if CIR fails?

Since it is highly unlikely that Comprehensive Immigration Reform will become law before 2015 (assuming that Democrats win solid majority in House and are able to get at least 60 seats in the Senate), there is a lot of hope for undocumented immigrants.  Not only has the asylum after self deportation emerged as a viable option, it is widely believed that the President Barack Obama will not surrender and declare defeat.  Reports leaking out of the White House indicate that some of the following options are being considered:

  1. Introduce a deferral on deportation program for all undocumented aliens who are family members of DREAMers (most of these individuals are already eligible for a program called DACA) and this falls under the family unification provision which Americans overwhelmingly approve and support.
  2. Legalize parents of US born children.  A way may also be found to bring siblings of these children into the program in the name of family reunification.
  3. Legalize senior citizens who have spent extensive time in the United States, have no criminal history, because it sounds cruel to deport them to countries where they have no ties because all their family members are here and will legalize one way or the other.
  4. Legalize spouses of citizens and green card holders without the delays caused by current regulations.

So is this going to be permanent?  Well, technically not, but anyone familiar with the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) knows that they are temporary only in name but are expected to be renewed indefinitely.  In this case, the thinking is that as soon Washington is taken over by the Democrats, they can make these the law of the land.

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