Deferred action for all illegal immigrants

Since Comprehensive Immigration Reform is unlikely to happen in an Obama presidency (it will be an issue in the 2014 mid-term Congressional elections but Democrats are unlikely to take the House of Representatives), the best hope for undocumented immigrants is to wait for 2016 election cycle and see if Democrats can completely dominate Washington DC.  In the meantime, because Latinos put President Barack Obama in the White House, it is payback time and there is no way Democrats can survive the 2014 elections if the Hispanics refuse to turn out to vote.  That is why the activists are already putting pressure on the president to declare a deferral on deportation (along the lines of highly successful Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program for DREAMers).

Who will be eligible?
  1. Fewer than three misdemeanors
  2. No felonies
  3. Continuous presence in the United States after a certain cutoff date to be announced later on.
  4. Evidence of productive life in American, in form of employment, education or raising a family.
  5. Parents of American citizens or green card holders or those with legal status
  6. Family members of the disabled
  7. Individuals who are victims of crimes and are suing someone
  8. DREAMers who were not eligible for DACA

How to apply?
  1. Complete forms to be announced later on by USCIS
  2. Pay fees as required
  3. Fingerprinted for background check

Features of the program

Since it will be a deferral, it will not grant any legal status, but you will have a right to work legally, receive a genuine Social Security number, apply for a driver's license, and be able to travel overseas under special circumstances.  While the program will technically die on the last day of Obama presidency if a Democrat president is not elected in 2016, if history is any indicator, such programs eventually become almost permanent, like the TPS.

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