Why is my application not approved for years by USCIS?

If you have been waiting forever for approval of an immigration petition for years, you must not lose hope as long as you were eligible, completed the application accurately, provided all the required documentation, and have a crime-free background.  The reason it could be taking so long is if you meet any of the following criteria:
  • If you are a Muslim
  • Native of a country with terrorism activity.  Visits to such countries, for example, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc..  Even travel through these countries can pose a risk.
  • Wiring money to friends and family in countries with terror links.
  • Attending mosques in America where FBI thinks that terrorists get together
  • Donations to groups with suspected terrorism links 

The program is called Controlled Application Review and Resolution Program and ACLU found about its existence and how it is being used to deny immigration benefits and citizenship of Muslim backgrounds.  Once the FBI raises a red flag the approval is put on hold till evidence emerges that you are not a threat to the United States.  This process may take years, or, there may be no approval if there is a serious doubt.  If you fit this criteria, you now know what maybe causing the undue delay in approval of your application.