How do immigrants destroy their American dream?

While breaking laws is never a good idea even if you are a native born US citizen (for example, many companies will not hire someone with a traffic ticket and definitely not with DUI), if you are an immigrant you should NEVER break any laws (naturalized citizens can lose their citizenship if it is found that they broke laws -- and did not disclose them -- that would have made them ineligible for any immigration benefit.  These individuals are not only stripped of their citizenship but punished for the crimes they committed and then deported to their native countries.  It is also important to remember that for an alien being able to visit or live is not a right but a privilege.  Millions of undocumented aliens are eager to legalize so that they can live here permanently and while many millions more are waiting to come here.  There are surveys that show that almost a billion foreigners will move to America if they could.  And that is why it is tragic to see that those aliens who do manage to make it here legally or illegally, they don't value it and keep breaking laws jeopardizing their chances of achieving the American dream or in some cases being deported.


Unfortunately, way too many immigrants keep breaking laws with no respect for laws of the United States.  In fact data shows that those who break one law often are emboldened to break even more laws (that is why you must have noticed that the cops assume that someone who is speeding is also more likely drunk or stoned or is a criminal and they are mostly right).  One such individual is Joe Giudice, husband of Real Housewives of New Jersey Teresa.  He is an immigrant from Italy.  I have not been able to track his immigration history and whether he was ever in the country illegally but one thing is for sure: this man has no respect for US laws.  It is also not clear why Joe is not yet a US citizen despite being married to a US citizen for over 15 years (it is fair to assume that he has things in his record that would make him ineligible for naturalization). 

So what laws has he broken?  Well, they both have been indicted on 39 counts and that is one impressive list.  Except for murder, it looks like that this fraudster has falsified documents, lied about his income, failed to file tax returns, received driver's license using someone else's identity when his own license was suspended for DUI, and borrowed money from several financial institutions (mortgage, business/car loans) using fake papers.  

So just think about it.  This man will definitely get convicted on at least some counts and that will most likely mean that after serving his time in a US prison, he will be deported.  The Feds will also seize their assets to pay for fraud.  We are now looking at a family that will be torn apart and most likely bankrupted.