Should all pages of passport be photocopied?

The USCIS often instructs visa and green card applicants to submit photo copies of their passports and many petitioners might wonder if that is really necessary, particularly if their passport is new or they really have not traveled at all and most of the pages are blank anyway.  They also wonder if the officers will be disappointed to see nothing but blank pages.


There is no consensus among immigration attorneys on what is the best way, but my understanding is that you should simply photocopy all the pages if that is what the United States Government or State Department wants you to do.  Yes, you will spend a lot more on copying and mailing but you would have followed the instructions.  It is not your problem to wonder if the packet is thick or the agent will be looking at blank pages (if the agency wanted to save time they would tell you to mail only specific pages).  Some attorneys only mail the most important pages like the ones that show details of the passport and information on visas (and it works just fine), but sometimes the United States Government wants to know if you have been to Cuba or Pakistan or Iran or Yemen or countries with terrorism links or countries hostile to the United States.  It just makes things harder for you if it seems that the officer was interested in some detail or found it through other means and you did not disclose it even though you did not try to hide it deliberately.