What should I tell the agent at the airport?

Thomas writes, "My fiancee is a US citizen and we are going to have a simple wedding in America.  I have no intention of applying for a green card; on the contrary, she will be moving to my country and that is where we plan to live, at least for the foreseeable future.  I plan to enter the US under visa waiver and then return to my home country.  Should I declare to the immigration agent that I am going to get married in America?"

The fact of the matter is that you should tell the truth when asked about it, because even though you are not under oath, it is implied that you shall do so when asked a question by a United States government official.  A simple lie can come to bite you and jeopardize your case.  Therefore, the right approach would be to apply for a fiance visa, which maybe a hassle but will give everyone peace of mind.  The last thing you or your bride want is to be denied entry because you fumbled an answer at the airport.  Most likely, you will go through immigration without an issue but in life it is best to do the right thing.  It will also make life easy for you if you were ever to apply to immigrate to America; just keep your paperwork in a safe place.