ESTA authorization denied after marriage to American

Nigel writes, "I am a citizen of an EU country and have traveled to the United States over the years without a hitch on both business and leisure.  During one of those trips, I met a wonderful American girl and we started a relationship.  During last three years I visited her several times without any problem but during one of those trips we simply went to Las Vegas and got married.  I have an awesome job here in Europe and as much as I love the United States, other than visiting there, I have no intention of relocating there.  My life is here and my lovely wife is planning to relocate to Europe because she loves it here.  What I noticed is that after the wedding, my travel authorization under ESTA has been revoked.  I have no intention of living permanently in the United States so I do not need a green card.  What are my options?"

It appears that in situations like yours, it is best that you apply for a non-immigrant visitor visa to the United States.  You will be able to provide information about your US citizen wife and by applying for a tourist visa (while you are clearly eligible for adjusting status to permanent resident), you will be clearly demonstrating to the embassy staff that you have no intention of staying illegally in the country.  Having a visa (for up to 10 years at a time) will allow you to travel without any hitch.  The ESTA is not a visa and is only allowed under limited circumstances.