Sponsor Eastern European girlfriend to visit USA

Russell writes, "I have met a woman online from Eastern Europe and the relationship has become somewhat serious, well, as serious as an online relationship can get without meeting in person.  I think it is time for us to meet and I would like to invite her to vacation with me here so that we can get to know each other better in person.  I am happy to provide whatever documentation maybe needed to help her get a visa.  By the way, considering that these Eastern Europeans have such an awful reputation that once they come to the US, they never leave, and I have heard horror stories that she may have no intention of actually visiting me, but maybe using me just to get a visa.  If she were to do that, do you think I will get into trouble with the Feds?"

As soon as the US embassy concludes that she is planning to visit her boyfriend in America, it will raise a red flag because the officer is likely to conclude that she has immigrant intent.  That could result in a denial of visa.  Depending on the documentation required by the embassy in that country, if you were to submit an affidavit of support for her, if she were to, say, suddenly get very sick or need some other government assistance, you will be the first person the Feds will try to collect the money from, even if as you suspect that she never even meets you and joins one of the many Russian gangs active all over the country to engage in criminal activity.  It seems that you have the funds and the safest bet for you is to visit her either in her home country.  In fact many Americans have found that as soon as they mention that they are planning to visit, some of these girls stop communicating and their phone numbers go dead because over 80% of them are part of the so-called 'sweetheart scams.'

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