What to do if I-129F is rejected?

Anurag writes, "Like many other immigrants who like to get married in their native countries, my parents in India have arranged my marriage to a woman.  I did the paperwork for her on USCIS Form I129F Petition for Alien FiancĂ©(e) and when she went for the interview at the Chennai consulate, her petition was denied.  This has been such a blow to my plans and she is devastated.  You may not the know the Indian families but they are now screaming at each other and at the poor woman for messing it all up and considering that brides are routinely abused and murdered in India for no reason whatsoever, her parents are terrified.  What should I do?"


Well, first of all, tell your family members not to kill her, and not even abuse her.  The fault might actually be yours that you did not prepare her well for the interview.  The job of the officers at the consulate is to identify suspicious cases because India might be the world leader in fraud after Nigeria.  There is something in your profile or in the application itself or in the answers that she provided that it appears that your application is fraudulent.  What you would need to do is to actually get married (if you are not yet) and do the I-130 paperwork.  This will require her to wait in India for a few months but she will definitely get approved for a green card.  In any case, you should prepare her for the interview by giving her some background on how the legal process works and how she should respond.  If she does not speak English well, you can request an interview in her native tongue.