How to keep green card if divorce after just one year?

A reader asks what he can do to keep his permanent resident status after he and his US citizen wife divorced after just one year.  He adds that theirs was a genuine marriage but they realized that as good as they were as a couple they were not compatible as husband and wife.  Rather than drag the process for another two years so that he could get the condition removed on his GC, they divorced; in any case, she wants to start dating right away.  He asks, "Is there any way to keep my green card because my life is now here, I have a job, and I hope to pursue my American dream."


Indeed, the whole idea of issuing only conditional green cards is to prevent marriage fraud.  In your case, while it would seem that there is no way to fix this, but trust me, that is why lawyers go to law school.  Even if we assume that there was no abuse by your wife and this was just a rush to marriage by a couple who did not know what they were doing, you still have a chance because it is the intent rather than the outcome that matters in law.  You will need to hire a competent immigration attorney who has extensive experience in marriage based green cards to build a case that your marriage was genuine, that you intended to remain married forever as per your vows, and if you have the evidence in form of photographs of your wedding, honeymoon, family get-togethers, etc, it will strengthen your case.  The lawyer will file an appeal -- ask your ex wife to cooperate because if she substantiates your arguments and can clearly say that both of you had good intentions but just that the marriage did not work out -- and ask for a favorably opinion.  Chances are that you will succeed.