Green card process for same sex couples

Since the decision to allow US citizens to sponsor their same sex spouse, here are a few other details to know:
  1. If you filed a permanent resident petition in the past (yes, some couples did it despite they not being eligible -- and what a smart move it was), and were officially DENIED, you will be automatically approved now.  So, the matter did not really end there, and it is good news that USCIS now keeps copies of immigration petitions forever.  If your address has changed or any other detail has changed, make sure that you let your attorney know or if you self filed, contact USCIS to update that information.
  2. If you filed a green card application and it is still pending, let the process move forward.  You are now in the same line as any other couple and when you turn comes, and if you are eligible, you will be approved.
  3. If you never filed, well, as I said, get married (in case you are not yet), and go do the paperwork.  It really couldn't be simple and if yours is a straightforward case (your spouse was never out of status and has no criminal history), you can even file it yourself.

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