Incomplete overseas trips information for citizenship

Francois writes, "I did not know this earlier that at the time of naturalization I will be required to furnish complete details of all the trips that I have made.  I did not keep a good record and a lot of time my passport was not even stamped while entering or leaving countries in Europe.  I have a general idea of how many trips I took but I could easily miss a few trips here and there in Europe.  What should I do?"

The intention of the USCIS in asking for travel information is that it wants to make sure that you have lived in the United States for the requisite time period.  It is also believed that USCIS already has access to that information from the databases that it can access but to streamline the evaluation of the application, if the officer does not suspect that you are lying or that yours is a marginal case, that data may never be downloaded.  So if you have spent enough time in the US, try to do your best to come up with destinations and dates.  You can attach an explanation at the end and may mention it during the interview.  It is not something to worry about in most cases.