Auto insurance policies for new immigrants

In addition to buying a home, getting a driver's license, Social Security number, opening a bank account, and hopefully succeeding in some kind of a credit card, newly arrived immigrants in America need to get auto insurance particularly if they buy a car.  Driving a car without enough insurance is not only illegal (you can get into all sorts of trouble for driving without insurance) but can be disastrous financially if you are in an accident and either damage another vehicle, or God forbid, hurt of kill another person(s).  With car insurance, you are covered up to the limits on your policy, so make sure that you pick the right policy for your driving style.  In any case, just drive carefully even if you have been driving your whole life.  I have noticed that even in Canada there are slight differences in how people drive.  Within the US as well, there are minor differences by state.


Without a credit history, it is nearly impossible to get a car insurance policy and this is a classic Catch-22 situation.  You cannot have a credit score till you get a policy and pay your bills on time, but without a score no one wants to give you coverage.  It is best to search locally for agents who serve immigrants because they tend to work with smaller insurers.  The rates will be a lot higher because without a history of your driving record in America no one knows if you are a maniac who wants to kill all humanity or if you are a safe driver.