Arrested after citizenship interview but before oath

Chen writes, "I have the cleanest record possible and I was cleared for oath without a hitch, but a week after the interview, a man started flirting with my wife while we were at a bar.  When this guy did not stop and became abusive, the cops arrived and I was arrested.  Eventually the charge of battery was dismissed and when I arrived for the oath ceremony I disclosed what happened and provided the paperwork related to the arrest and court disposition.  I was told that I should just wait to hear from the USCIS.  What will happen to me?"

You should simply wait patiently.  Your case is going to be reviewed by an adjudicating officer who will examine the paperwork related to the arrest that you provided and what they can access using official databases.  Most likely you will be approved and rescheduled for another oath ceremony but do not be surprised to be asked to appear for another interview.  Typically, just an arrest without conviction does not trigger any negative outcomes.