Apply for citizenship if registered to vote but never voted

Several readers have written that they mistakenly registered to vote either at the Department/Registry of Motor Vehicles or at a drive for voter registrations but never actually cast a vote.  They wonder if they can still apply for naturalization or they risk rejection and/or even their green cards being revoked.

Well, nothing is worse than claiming to be a US citizen, which is what you do when you put your signature on a voter registration form.  If you registered by checking a box by mistake at the DMV, it is somewhat more understandable.  The best thing to do in this case is to get an attorney because it is generally a good reason for the adjudicating offer to reject your application.  If your application is otherwise acceptable, be prepared to be hauled before an immigration judge to explain this.  Most likely you will be be fine if you actually NEVER voted and merely registered due to poor understanding of the law or made a mistake on the form.  What the judge is looking for your is intent if you did not vote.  By the way, if you voted, be prepared for a lengthy court case with no guarantee of a positive outcome.

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