Passport stamped no extensions at the airport

A reader writes that his father had previously applied for an extension on his tourist visa, was granted a six month extension without any problem, and while he could have stayed for a total of 12 months, he left after 7 months, but now when he came a year later, they made a note on his passport "no extensions."  What does this mean?  What if he were to apply for an extension?  Will using an attorney help?  Will it jeopardize his visa if he does apply?

The Customs and Border Protection Agency suspects that your father is a risk, someone who will simply settle down in the US and never leave, or is already living in the US by spending so much time here, or is illegally working.  You will be wasting your time and money by applying for an extension with or without a lawyer.  The only exception might be if he is genuinely sick and a doctor can issue medical records that he is unfit to travel (depends on how long the trip is -- this might work for a trip to Europe or Asia but will not work if someone needs to fly from Miami to Mexico). If he needs to live here long-term, you might want to consider sponsoring him for a green card

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