Credit card for new immigrant

As you are trying to establish your roots in America, you got your driver's license, and a bank account, you might be tempted to grab a credit card, which is not essential, but extremely useful.  Millions of Americans no longer use credit cards or are unable to due to problems in responsibly using them, but if you are financially savvy and want to live like most middle class Americans live, it is nice to have at least one (most of us have several, because American Express has many benefits but is not accepted everywhere, and that is why we end up getting a MasterCard and/or Visa).

The right way for a new immigrant to the United States to get a credit card is to wait a few years.  In the meantime, use your bank account responsibly by keeping all your money there, and if possible getting a secure credit card and using it responsibly.  Generally speaking, you may first apply for a store credit card (so if you shop a lot at Target, you can first get their card, and use it responsibly) after a year or so.  In another year or so, you might start receiving credit card offers in the mail and most likely if you apply, you will be approved, albeit with a smaller credit line, but if you use the card in a responsible manner, your limit will go up.

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