Different dates of birth on passport and US visa

Anand writes, "As you might not know but in India, it is common not to have a birth certificate.  That can create a situation in which an individual can have multiple dates of birth and that is how I got a passport as a teenager.  I also got a US visa later but then I found that I needed to fix my date of birth on all documents.  I did that and received a new Indian passport but now while I have a valid American visa the DOB no longer match.  What should I do?"

You will need to apply for a new visa and you will obviously need to disclose that you already have a visa under a different date of birth.  During the interview, you can explain what happened and provide the paperwork that allowed you to rectify the mistake on your passport.  You see as far traveling overseas is concerned, the name, DOB, and place of birth are unique identifying information.  If you are not stopped by the airline agent while checking in, you might be stopped by the exit immigration officer even before you board the plane.  In any case, when the Custom and Border Patrol officer at the US airport will swipe your passport, all your information will be automatically populated on the computer but it will not synchronize with the visa information in the database in the US.  Most likely the officer will flag you for additional scrutiny and might let you in but it is also possible that if fraud is suspected, you might be denied entry and sent back home.  That is why it is best to fix this error once and for all and then have peace of mind.  The reality is that whether now or later (while renewing) you have to fix this error with the US authorities and it is better to do right away.