What should I do if I ineligible for RPI status?

Well, some of you might think that you are ineligible because you came after the cutoff date or do not have the evidence to show that you did come earlier or maintained continuous presence or you have too many felony/misdemeanor convictions or you used fraudulent documents to come to USA or to work or you made a false claim to US citizenship.  If that is how you feel, don't just pack up your bags and self deport, fearing that your life in America may be over.

The Gang of Eight has deliberately written an immigration reform bill with so many loopholes that even those who do not meet the criteria will be able to legalize.  What is the reason?  Well, the Republicans needed to show their voters that they are tough on lawbreakers and that's it.  No one really cares how the law actually works.  So with those loopholes hidden in the bill, you can actually appeal to the Secretary of Department of Homeland Security that one or even all the requirements of eligibility be waived.  Think about it!  If you tell the DHS that you cannot imagine returning with your family to San Pedro Sula, Honduras, the murder capital of the world, do you think that the officers will be so heartless to deny your case?  The rules allow the Secretary to grant waivers very liberally.  All you will need is a good immigration attorney because based on your individual case, a story can be developed for almost everyone, no matter what, particularly because there will no personal interviews before approval.

The reality is that illegal immigration in America is not going away.  American employers love cheap labor and as soon as they realize that legalized employees are demanding higher wages and benefits, they will let them go and look for new unauthorized workers.  In other words, despite the eVerify and borders being closed, immigrants will be able to come legally or illegally and find work here.  No American politician has the courage to punish the employers for breaking the laws about hiring unauthorized workers, so nothing is likely to change.

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