Can RPI immigrants sponsor family members?

The simple and short answer is that under BSEOIM or Obama Immigration reform, an RPI legal status immigrant cannot sponsor a family member who is currently outside the USA or arrives legally or illegally in the future to the US.  The most you can do is to become the main applicant can and then file petitions on behalf of your spouse and children as derivatives as long as they are already in the United States illegally.  Obviously, once you are rewarded with permanent residency (10 years for most immigrants and just five years for the so-called DREAMers, undocumented aliens who arrived as children), they can sponsor spouse and children who maybe overseas (this is a rare scenario but is possible for those individuals who go overseas to marry and have children while in the RPI status).  Once you get naturalized, you can even sponsor your parents, who can then, in turn, sponsor their other children.