Background check for RPI adjustment of status

The terrorist attack in Boston is going to have a huge impact on the way the USCIS asks FBI and CIA to conduct background checks and provide security clearance on undocumented immigrants applying for Registered Provisional Immigrant (RPI) legal status.  This will result in some undocumented immigrants being unable to legalize if they used a different name and fake documents to enter the US.  The fear is that it is possible for an alien who entered without inspection (EWI) to file for American citizenship by using whatever identity they want (the Federal Government is already dealing with a massive problem of unauthorized immigrants who have simply declared themselves to be Americans). 


Questions are already being raised about the manner in which the USCIS designed the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program background check in which the agency granted DACA approval to immigrants with just their American high school ID and not insisting on documents like passports and birth certificates.   After the failure of several agencies to track the movement of Islamic terrorists responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing, experts believe that USCIS will conduct a more comprehensive security clearance before granting RPI immigrant status, because otherwise terrorists can acquire American citizenship by simply using their newly acquired identities and hiding their criminal  roots.   Immigration lawyers believe that there will be higher emphasis on confirming the origins of aliens all the way to their birthplace, the countries that they have lived in and traveled to.  If you have used forged papers and several names and documents, be prepared for more questioning.  To prepare for your legalization, you can start off by getting documents like original birth certificate, valid passport, international travel history, schools attended, jobs held, etc.