Are deported immigrants eligible for RPI visas?

In the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013, there is strong emphasis on family reunification, particularly where family members in the United States are either American citizens or permanent residents.  What that means is that if you were deported for non-criminal reasons you can apply to re-enter the United States in RPI status if you are the spouse of or parent of a child who is United States citizen or lawful permanent resident or a DREAMer (these are immigrants who came the country prior to their 15th birthday and are eligible to adjust their status to RPI visa under the Obama amnesty if they get a high school diploma and then either serve in the US Military or go to college).  The process, obviously, will work a little different for those aliens who are outside the USA, because they will not be able to enter the country before they are approved.  This provision cannot be used to bring family members who were never in the USA nor can it be used if they were not married at the time of deportation (meaning that you cannot marry after they were deported).

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