Can I apply for Obama amnesty if I am being deported?

Some illegal immigrants who were deported will be allowed to apply for adjustment of status to RPI, so that they can reunite with their family in the US, in the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013, there is another very nice provision:  if you are without papers and have either received removal orders or are already in deportation proceedings (assuming that you are otherwise eligible for RPI status), you will be allowed to apply to get the Registered Provision Immigrant visa.  When you apply your deportation will be put on hold, you will receive a work permit and valid Social Security number, and will be able to go on with their lives like any other undocumented alien who legalizes with Obama Amnesty.  The paperwork related to removal orders will be cleared from your record as well so that you get a fresh start.

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