Adjust to RPI immigration status after working illegally

The Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013 is definitely very generous to undocumented aliens who worked without authorization using a fraudulent SSN or were paid in cash under the table are not going to be prosecuted for these crimes (the understanding is that there was no other option for them and US employers were employing them breaking other US laws themselves).  The only issue is if you knowingly made a false claim to US citizenship after the age of 18.  What this means is that if you worked without proper papers and paid income taxes to the IRS and the state, you are in the clear.  Expect to be approved for a Registered Provision Immigrant (RPI) legal status visa, and that will subsequently lead to permanent residency, and after that naturalization to US citizenship.  If you failed to pay taxes for the total duration of your stay in the country or for some years, that too will not make you ineligible either; you will just simply need to pay all the back taxes (with interest and penalties) before approval.

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