What do illegal immigrants get from RPI visa?

The list of privileges and advantages of applying for the Registered Provision Immigrant (RPI) legal status visa is huge:

  1. Work permit with a valid Social Security number that will allow you to work for any employer in the US, though, some jobs for the Federal and State governments may not be open to you.  Having a past as an illegal immigrant may also jeopardize security clearance for some types of jobs with the government.
  2. Travel anywhere in the world, though, like any green card holder, you will need to maintain strong ties to the United States.  In other words, you cannot be away for too long and will need to maintain a house here, pay taxes, and return within six months.  In order to get a green card or renew your RPI card, you will need to show that you have been working regularly and that is not possible if you are traveling in a foreign country or living some place outside the US (students maybe able to get a waiver if they participate in study abroad programs).  Obviously, you will not need to file for an advanced parole before leaving.  Like any other legal resident, you will simply show your card and passport when passing through immigration at the airport or border crossing.
  3. Receive all other privileges like applying for a driver's license, other specialized licenses like those for nursing, etc.
  4. Apply for credit cards, open bank accounts, buy insurance, purchase homes/cars, get student loans, and almost any other actions that are needed to live the American dream.