Deportation for marijuana possession

A new decision by the United States Supreme Court will bring smiles to many legal immigrants who have been caught with possession of marijuana.  In the case Moncrieffe v. Holder, the justices have ruled that a legal immigrant will not automatically be deportable if convicted for possession of a small amount of the narcotic.  Why?  Because under Federal law it is not a felony.  It is not clear if deported immigrants can challenge their deportations in the past or if undocumented aliens who are waiting to legalize will not be disqualified for charges relating to possession of marijuana, but it wouldn't hurt to make their case before an immigration judge who, along with the Department of Justice, will now have more discretion in deportation cases.  Remember that this decision is no reason for you to start doing illegal drugs because the justices have ruled that an immigrant can still be deported, but the immigrant can plead his/her case before a judge for leniency.

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