How to get the blue card?

No, silly, I am not talking about the American Express Blue credit card that has no fee and gives cash back, something not the standard for AmEx.  In this blog post, I am talking about a special type of card given to alien farm workers in America.  The reason this card has a blue color and not green (as in a green card) is because this does not allow permanent residency in America, but it does provide a pathway to a green card after just eight years.  Even better, you can then apply to become an American citizen after 10 years.  In other words, you will become a US passport holder much faster than all other undocumented immigrants, though, the so-called DREAMers get to take the super high-speed train towards naturalization.

So who is eligible for the Blue Card?  If you have done some type of agriculture work in the United States for a minimum of 575 hours or 100 work days (a day is 5.75 hours of work) in at least 2011 and 2012 (if you have more than that, perfect).  Now, 100 workdays might sound like a long time (still, it is only 5 months or so if you worked five days a week) but when you look at the number of hours, 575 hours is just 14 weeks of work, if you worked 40 hour weeks.  In reality, if you worked on a farm during breaks or part time, while enjoying a comfortable life in the city at other times or even gone back to your native country (there is no continuous presence requirement), you might be on a fast track to US citizenship.  Needless to say that you will be approved as long as you do not have felonies or a background with just too many crimes, but still, a good lawyer might be able to help you with those as well.  Also, Gang of 8 politicians have deliberate created so many loopholes that you do not even have to prove that you ever paid any taxes in the past.

How to apply for a Blue Card?  You will need evidence from your employer that you worked on farm, but as is widely known about what happened the Reagan Amnesty, many farmers will be gladly selling those letters for a price if you have never worked on a farm or not worked long enough.  Obviously, it will not be a problem for those who are genuine farm workers, but lawyers are already getting ready to procure fraudulent documents for other aliens who might want to apply using this route.  Since Congress does not want to interview applicants, it should all work out very nicely.

How to change the Blue card to green?  Well, you get to keep it for 8 years so there is plenty of time to change it, but just remember that all you need to do is to work just 100 days each year on a farm but for the rest of the 265 days you are free to work in any job that you want.

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