Can legal immigrant take advantage of Obama amnesty?

Suresh writes, "I came to the United States legally and have been here for 14 years, always on a visa, and have never been out of status.  I have never broken any laws at all, not even a speeding ticket.  I have no way to get a green card.  I am well educated, pay taxes, but I am not eligible for a green card because my employer has refused to sponsor me.  Will the Obama Amnesty LPI visa allow me to legalize?"

Unfortunately, no.  The so-called Comprehensive Immigration Reform may have some provisions for STEM visas or for more H1B visas or special work permits for agricultural workers, but the focus is primarily to help undocumented aliens become legal.  Indeed, the plan is very unfair to those who followed all the rules but you see the intent of the legislation is to recognize that the 12 million unauthorized foreigners are here, they are not leaving on their own, they are already employed, and it is best to just forgive their crimes.  The best option for you would be to eventually become an illegal immigrant and hope for another amnesty down the road, which might come sooner than this one, because the Obama amnesty will create even more illegal immigration.