2013 Obama amnesty LPI visa for illegal immigrants

We now have some more details on what the 2013 Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill will include.  So far it looks pretty good for undocumented aliens in the sense that there are no penalties for using fake documents like green cards of Social Security cards or identity thefts or not paying taxes.  Even better in order to get the Lawful Prospective Immigrant (LPI), all you need to do is to complete the application, pay the fee, show up for fingerprinting, and then you get a card in the mail (this card will be your evidence that you are legally in the United States and you can show it to anyone as proof of your legal stay, or your right to work).  By using this card, you can also get a authentic SSN and the new high-tech card.

Who is eligible?  Almost all the illegal aliens in the US are eligible as long as you were not convicted of crimes (either in the US or anywhere else in the world) that led to a prison term of at least one year; or three different crimes that resulted in a total of 90 days in jail. If you committed a crime but were not jailed,  you will still be eligible.  If you are in jail for breaking US immigration laws or are in the middle of deportation proceedings, you will be eligible for a LPI visa.  No requirement that you learn English for this visa.

How do I apply for Obama CIR?  Complete an application in English and provide evidence as asked. The fees has not yet been declared but it should be a few hundred dollars (family members filing jointly will pay less and there will be exemptions for poor immigrants), along with a penalty of $250 payable by only those older than 21 at the time of application.  No back taxes and no fine to get the provisional status for eight years.  There could be an interview for some applicants.

Can I go abroad?  Yes, but only for less than six months. 

Can I sponsor family members?  Only after your approval, you can sponsor your spouse and minor children to come legally to the United States on the same visa, so they will also be legally able to work and study.  And once you get your green card and citizenship, you can sponsor even other family members like parents, brothers, and sisters.

How long will the visa be valid?  It will be valid for 4 years and can be renewed.

When can I apply for a green card?  You can apply for adjustment of status to permanent residence after about eight years.

Are there special requirements for a green card for illegals?  Yes, you will need to learn English (anyone over 65 is exempted), pay back taxes, and pass a test about American history and government.  At this time, you must pay back taxes. There will be another background check and it is also important to remember that crimes that are being overlooked for this visa maybe a problem for permanent residency.

Will I eventually become a US citizen If you are married to an American citizen, you can apply for naturalization after three years.  Otherwise, 5 years.

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